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SAP CRM in Aquachim

Novarto successfully completed a project for implementation of SAP CRM in   Aquachim AD. Aquachim provides high quality complex solutions for medical and analytical laboratories and in the pharmaceutical field. Determined to adapt to the dynamic business environment and to secure stability for their growing business, in 2014 they decided to invest in the best in class ERP and CRM software systems. Novarto undertook the implementation of SAP CRM, together with its partner VBS (responsible for the SAP ERP project).

Novarto and Aquachim agreed for a rapid deployment realization approach. In this way the sales and marketing teams of the company had their ready-to-use solution within a short term and predictable budget. With the new solution they intend to strengthen and streamline their activities by applying the best practice industry scenarios of SAP for accounts management, activities and opportunities management as well as for marketing campaigns execution.