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New Novarto Place in Sofia

Since September 2019, the Novarto Team in Sofia has its new home – a modern office designed for inspiration and creative co-working. It is situated in the outskirts of Vitosha mountain with a great view to the city and to the hills. The new Novarto space has several comfortable meeting rooms and a grand panoramic… Read more

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Fresh Beacon{ade}

Beacon seems to be the latest buzzword in retail industry. A beacon deployment consists of one or more beacons that transmit their own unique identification number to the local area. Software on a receiving device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) may then look up the beacon ID and perform various functions, such as notifying the user… Read more


Happy New 2014!

Novarto team wishes you a healthy and prosperous new year! May 2014 bring peace, joy and fulfillment to all of us! Happy New Year!

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Lenovo Co-Innovation Project

Novarto participated in a co-innovation project of one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers – Lenovo® with SAP®. The Asian hi-tech giant has chosen SAP CRM WebChannel for their B2B e-selling strategy. Novarto’s contribution in the co-innovation is the development of a Frameless UI presentation layer for the SAP B2B Web Channel solution. This innovative… Read more

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Web Design

Each e-business solution represents your web face to the customer. Novarto can deliver an exclusive web design for your online shop, b2b customer portal or any web-based solution. The user interface of our applications is designed to intuitively guide the users even through the most complex workflows.  We stick to the highest UX standards also… Read more

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Customer Solutions

Enterprise applications, such as SAP CRM or SAP ERP, deliver proven support for your standard business processes – enabling operational efficiency throughout your organization. However, truly successful and innovative companies always have at least a handful of processes that differetiate your organization from competitors. Both standard and company-specific processes need to run in a integrated… Read more

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SAP Security

Security is of utmost importance for enterprise applications, especially in modern landscapes of interconnected clients and devices of all sorts. Yet it is frequently neglected in implementation projects, the effect being businesses suffering severe financial and business-critical information losses. Novarto can perform complete security audit of your Java- and ABAP-based applications following the official SAP Security… Read more