Configo – Product configurator for online sales

Configo can be easily integrated with your current ecommerce solution so that you are able to expand your online offering with packages, bundles or configurable products. Using it, for example, you can sell products in combination with support contracts, extended warranties and other services.

The product configurator Configo has two sides: Administration environment, where back-office creates the product bundles and sets up rules, and Embeddable client configurator, where your customers customize the desired package according to their needs and add it to the shopping basket.

Administration environment features

  • Possibility to assign multiple user defined subsections per product
  • Fill these sections with products (components) available for selection
  • Manage marketing texts and pictures for sections and components
  • Mark components as “new”, “promoted” and other marketing options
  • Rule engine that controls  the UI to enable/disable certain sections or components if others are selected, or sets up minimum and maximum quantities for components
  • Possibility to do batch updates to configurations
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface

Embeddable client configurator features

  • Guides the user intuitively through the package configuration process
  • Overview screen displaying the final configuration
  • Calculates prices and configuration rules on the fly
  • Only one backend call is needed to read the pricing rules and configuration for a package
  • Each configuration is contained in a single compiled JavaScript file smaller than 1 KB
  • Look and feel can be adapted only by editing the standard CSS

Our client Qmatic already uses Configo to sell its packaged solutions.