Event manager with Elevento application on his tablet

Elevento – new SaaS product for elevated event management

Novarto’s experts developed a software solution for organizing and managing events such as weddings, team buildings, corporate and private celebrations. This is a SaaS product called Elevento and it’s best suited for event venues, breweries, wineries and SME hospitality businesses.

The application breaks down the event into tasks organized in a timeline and allows each task to be assigned to a specific team or an employee. It gathers everything that is important in one place allowing the user to centralize their information, breaks down their processes into tasks and keeps them and their teams organized.

Elevento adds value to the event management process increasing customer satisfaction and customer retention.

It’s beneficial to venue owners and event agencies by helping them create an elevated event experiences for their clients and convert the new visitors into regular clients.

  • Thanks to Elevento, all the up-to-date information needed to plan an event is easily accessible to you and your team at all times, including any last-minute changes.
  • In Elevento you can store photos, diagrams and other notes related to the event, as well as information and contact details of your customers.
  • The application breaks down the event into tasks organized in a schedule and assigned to specific teams. And to monitor your teams’ availability and performance, your employees’ data can also be included.
  • Elevento facilitates the work of event managers not only during the planning and implementation of the event, but also helps to analyze the results after it.
Screenshot from Elevento’s application illustrating list of tasks and names

Some of Elevento’s functionalities include:

  • Calendar view for quick availability check and direct event booking
  • Breaking the event into tasks organized in a schedule
  • Managing your staff and overseeing employee availability, team responsibilities and task distribution.
  • Assigning tasks to your teams for a specific date and time
  • Gathering all your client’s information in a central place

Because it is a SaaS solution there are a few settings that the user can configure by himself to adjust the application for their unique business needs. Additional features need to be discussed.

To learn more about the event management software Elevento visit https://elevento.space/.