Fresh Beacon{ade}

Beacon seems to be the latest buzzword in retail industry. A beacon deployment consists of one or more beacons that transmit their own unique identification number to the local area. Software on a receiving device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) may then look up the beacon ID and perform various functions, such as notifying the user about relevant promotions. Beacons do not push notifications to receiving devices (other than their own identity). However, a mobile application can use signals received from beacons to trigger specific push notifications. A whole new generation of magical mobile apps can be developed in this context.


The specialists from Novarto have developed a tool that helps retailers integrate beacons in their omni-channel strategy. The project is called Beaconade and represents an extension to the hybris omni-channel commerce solutions. The tool allows the retailers to setup voucher codes for discounts in the hybris management console and assign them to a specific beacon ID. The consumers who have installed in advance the retailer’s loyalty app will receive a promotion notification with a QR code upon approaching the installed beacon. The received QR code they can use directly at the POS in the retail store. Thus the sales volumes of certain items can be significantly boosted.  The Beaconade project includes also demo mobile apps for android and iOS in order to provide a complete demonstration of the usage of beacons and hybris together.


This is one example of a software that facilitates the use of beacons by retailers and helps them provide enhanced omni-channel experience to their clients. In addition to targeted offerings, beacons can be used to send relevant tips and advice to customers based on their location in the store. The use of this technology also opens up the opportunity for retailers to make the connection between an “online-person” and an “offline-person”.


A number of businesses mainly in the USA have already begun to test beacon technology for targeted marketing and consumers so far have been accepting the innovation positively.


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