Novarto Academy for IT professionnels
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Novarto Academy – training the future IT stars

We are happy to announce that we started a new initiative – our own Novarto Academy. The industry need for IT professionnals continues to grow. We believe that we can offer knowledge and mentorship to the feature generation of software developers.

The decision to create our own education program is a step towards expanding and strengthening the IT community. The Academy is best suited for students or self educated individuals who have little or no experience as developers.

The first participants are already in training and are developing their programming skills. They are learning from recognized professionals at Novarto.

Currently we are covering three directions in the High-Tech world: Backend, Frontend and Business Analysis. Each module lasts 6 months. The alumni are working on team projects as well as on individual tasks.

Full-time employment and motivating remuneration are also included for the duration of the training. After completion of the program the participants that stand out will receive an opportunity to continue working at Novarto as part the team.

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