Novarto proudly presents – Give-Get-Service

After months of thinking and hard development work we are now ready to give you a first sneak peek of our latest product, a software that we think will be a great help for small and midsized companies.

GiveGetService, GGS is a cloud based software that makes it very easy to handle all kinds of internal services within a company. Every employee with a need can easily, with just a few clicks on his mobile phone, tablet or desktop, choose and order services, based on his exact needs. On the other end, employees able to fulfill these needs will be notified via their mobile phones and are able to pick up the request with all necessary information and perform the requested task.

The heart of GiveGetService is the back office admin interface. Based on a unique intuitive drag and drop user interface, the most complex company setup can be done with almost no required prior experience. The back office allows you to easily create the users, services and locations needed in your company. These are then combined in “channels” to configure who can order what to which location, who will see and be allowed to fulfill a specific service request etc.

The system will also provide an extensive part of statistics and reports. GiveGetService will gather information about all requested and fulfilled services and based on this information we can help you with very valuable information. The first level of reports consists of different dashboards that can be displayed on screens allowing people, through a quick glance, to be aware of possible ques and current waiting time for a certain service etc.

On top of this, the system also offers more in depth statistics reports.
For example, let’s assume you are running a factory and you are planning to invest in one more welding robot. GiveGetSerive can then easily tell you how much assistance from forklifts, maintenance etc that will be needed, based on actual statistics from your own business. This will allow you to be proactive and to streamline your organization today and for your future needs.

If you have any questions or are interested in a personal demo of GiveGetService, please send us an email on or contact our offices in Sweden or in Bulgaria.